Wednesday, December 2, 2015

New blog for Food Storage Planning, with LOTSA recipes n' helps:


I am currently working on a new site to combine 
the Dollar A Day and sites. 

A video / interview!!

(done by Blade Mages:

DAY MEALS (BELOW)........this list can be used as 
starting place to create your own healthy budget meals!!!

simple dinner recipes, and a link to 'dollar a day' video:

You may request the offered free recipe(s) here in the
comments, or leave a post on either of my two You 
Tube videos.

My cookbook based on utilizing basic foods such as whole 
grains, legumes (dry beans and lentils), etc. is available.
Send me an email request, price is $26.00 for cookbook + 
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                                     Basic Essentials Cookbook: 

My e-cookbook: "In The Kitchen With Scrooge" is also 
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LIST of foods; watch for sales to get best price:

unbleached flour

dry wheat kernels 
(or get whole wheat flour and cracked wheat)

long grain brown rice (must be kept in fridge 
                                  to keep it fresh)
quick oatmeal
long grain white rice

stone ground cornmeal, medium grind 
  (Bob's Red Mill has a 24 oz. bag that is reasonable 
   in price; keep refrigerated/contains essential oils)

pasta: buy when on sale for 50 cents /16 oz.
vital wheat gluten

pinto beans
lentils: choose brown or green, they cook the same

chicken: leg quarters are usually the best price
ground beef, or other meats, on sale only
tuna, canned in water
pepperoni or sausage for pizza

tomato sauce, 8 oz.
crushed tomatoes, 15 oz.
applesauce, canned or home-bottled
green beans, canned or home-bottled

sugar (or other sweetener of your choice)
fresh eggs
vegetable oil (and olive oil if you can afford)

(or butter, which will cost more, but  
is a healthier choice if you can afford)

cheddar cheese
mozzarella cheese

nonfat dry milk powder (the best price I've found is at 
                                 the LDS home storage centers)

frozen broccoli cuts
fresh: apples, bananas, other fruit on sale
fresh: potatoes, onions, green cabbage, garlic, celery, 
         carrots, other vegetables on sale

Staples purchased only when low/needed:
small 6 to 8 oz. plain yogurt made with active cultures
frozen corn
frozen peas
sea salt
dry yeast

baking powder 
(I buy Rumford's in a 5 lb. container at health food store)

baking soda 
cider vinegar

(Spectrum brand is more expensive, but a better choice)

dry parmesan cheese
liquid smoke
worchestershire sauce
yellow mustard
garlic salt
onion powder
lemon pepper
italian seasonings
chili powder
ground cumin
crushed oregano
dried parsley
chicken bouillon
beef bouillon
optional: crushed red pepper flakes